Alpha Commodities-With you, for you

A sister concern of the renowned and trusted LKP Group, Alpha Commodities member of MCX, NCDEX and DGCX, offers a complete bouquet of client-friendly services in the burgeoning Commodity Futures market. Commodities have always been the foundation of world trade, and as they become an increasingly attractive investment option, we at Alpha Commodities look to guide and assist you in all possible ways to help you in all your endeavors in the Commodity Markets.

Globally, trading in Commodity Futures far exceeds that of Equities and Equity Derivatives. Over the last three years, this phenomenon has come of age in India and we are quickly matching strides with prevalent trends the world over. Keeping in step with the times, Alpha Commodities have started providing facilities to clients to deal, invest or hedge in Commodity Futures. We offer a multitude of options for trading, which includes Bullion, Metals, Energy and Agro Commodities.

While Alpha Commodities does offer the regular spectrum of services you would expect of a company of high standing, we also offer value- added services, such as delivery-based commodity trading. We have multiple Sales Tax/VAT registration numbers in different states of India, enabling us to execute systematic delivery based transactions on behalf our clients, making us one of the leading commodity brokers in the country.

We believe that this brochure will be an invaluable tool in viewing Alpha as your prime partner in the marketplace.

Are Commodities really the way of the Future?

Commodities are an intrinsic part of our daily lives and with a billion strong population driving demand; Commodity Futures are one of the most lucrative options for any potential investor. Commodity Futures adds great value to your portfolio because of the fact that they provide additional diversification helping you achieve superior returns in a volatile investment environment. With many asset groups offering attractive returns, such as the BSE Sensex / Nifty bettering itself consistently, why would you choose commodities over other avenues?

Commodities provide opportunities to a larger cross-section of participants with diverse backgrounds to try and get a slice of the action, right from planters, hedgers, importers to arbitragers, the list is seemingly endless. Couple that with the fact that India has historically been an agrarian economy and we realize that Commodities Future is not an entirely unknown terrain owing to the ancient history of commodity futures. It is safer to trade in commodities than equities to some extent, since every commodity has an underlying product where the value cannot go to zero.

If that isn't enough to catch your interest, here are a few more pointers for you to mull over.

  • Counter party risks are , which is an attractive proposition.
  • Higher Leverage: so you get high exposure for the low margin provided.
  • Prices are pegged to international markets of NYMEX, CBOT, CME, LME.
  • Diversification of portfolio.
  • Driven by the simple principles of Supply & Demand.
  • Contract sizes tailored to meet individual needs and requirements.
  • Take the advantage of price spreads, calendar spreads and Inter exchange spreads and avail the arbitrage opportunity.
  • Greater flexibility, certainty and transparency in procuring commodities directly from the source of production.
  • Efficient price discovery prevents seasonal price volatility.
  • Hedging the price risk associated with futures contractual commitments.
  • Trading in Commodities is heterogeneous it's a different asset class.

So why invest in a Petrochemical company when you can cut to the chase and invest in Petrochemicals itself? What would you rather invest in, stock prices that are linked to a company's foundations, or a tangible driven by market forces? Don't over expose yourself to equity markets when you can avail yourself to a world of possibilities. Come over and consider commodities as your investment. The time is right for the right decision.